Glove Break-In

Glove Break-In Service

Didn't buy your glove from us? No problem! We can break-in any reputable brand of baseball and softball gloves.
Glove Fit and Performance

Professional Glove Break-In

At Burley Baseball Co., we understand that breaking in a new baseball or softball glove can be a difficult, time-consuming and even frustrating process. More importantly, we understand that a properly broken-in glove is essential for peak performance on the field.

That’s why we offer our professional glove break-in service, designed to give your glove the perfect combination of softness and stability.

softball and baseball glove break-in service from burley baseball gloves. We are your glove breakers
Glove break in service from burley baseball gloves
Glove Brands We Can Break-In

We break-in any reputable glove brands

Choosing Your Glove Breaker

Why Choose Burley Baseball to Break-In Your Glove?

Our team of baseball glove breakers have spent years working with gloves of all types and brands. We know the ins and outs of glove construction and we know how to break them in properly without compromising their integrity.
Fast Turnaround
We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your glove ready for the season. Our skilled team will break-in your glove within 7 business days, ensuring that your glove is ready to perform at its best.
Every glove is unique, and we treat them that way. Our glove break-in service is tailored to the specific needs of your glove, taking into account the leather type, size, your position, and any special requirements you may have.
How we break gloves

Our Glove Break-In Process

Our glove break-in process is a meticulous, time-tested method that ensures your new glove is game-ready in no time. Through careful craftsmanship and attention to detail, we deliver a glove that’s comfortable, responsive, and ready for peak performance on the baseball diamond. Discover our detailed process which your glove will go through once you’ve shipped it to our office:
Our experts will assess the existing condition and material of your glove to determine the most suitable break-in technique for your needs.
We use specialized glove softening techniques to make the leather more supple and comfortable, so you can catch and field with ease.
Your glove will be carefully shaped to ensure it conforms to your hand and playing style, maximizing your control and comfort on the field.
We will apply high-quality leather conditioners designed to keep your glove's leather in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.
Final Inspection
Before we send your glove back to you, it undergoes a final inspection to ensure it meets our rigorous standards for playability and durability.
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With Burley Baseball’s break-in service, you can hit the field with confidence, knowing your glove is primed for action. Trust us to deliver a glove that’s ready to use right from the start.

Important: We currently do not break-in catcher’s mitt’s.

Glove break in service from burley baseball gloves