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Don’t have time to break in your glove? No problem, Burley Gloves will be happy to help. Add glove break in service to your cart during your glove purchase or you can ship us one you need help breaking in and we will get it broken in and shipped back within 7 days. You just pay the break in fee + shipping.

We DO NOT break in catchers Mitts. If you need one broken and please reach out to us and we will recommend someone that can help you with the service.

Disclaimer- DO NOT put glove in oven, microwave  or steamer for any amount of time. You could damage the glove and it will dry the laces out.

Disclaimer- DO NOT use a Hot water technique to break in white or blonde colored gloves that also have colorful webs or laces. Darker colors can bleed into lighter colors. If you do this it is at your own risk. We have to throw the disclaimer out there since this is not covered under our standard warranty.